External Director - Yasuo Nishiguchi's Profile

1975 Joined Kyoto Ceramic Co., Ltd. (currently Kyocera Corporation)

1999 President and Representative Director

2005 Chairman of the Board and Representative Director, and Chief Executive Officer

2006 Advisor and Director

2014 Outside Director of YUSHIN PRECISION EQUIPMNT CO., LTD. (To the present)

2015 Chairman and CEO of Socionext Inc.

2016 Outside Director of YAMADA Consulting Group Co., Ltd. (To the present)

About YUSHIN’s Strengths and Growth Opportunities

Nishiguchi:  YUSHIN’s core business is providing stable and high-speed take-out of injection-molded parts to manufacturers in a diverse range of industries like electronics, medical goods, and food packaging.  That diversity is one of our strengths.


Kotani:  The automotive industry is one of our main customers, but as automakers develop more electric vehicles, weight reduction will grow in importance and most components will become plastic.  That should mean more opportunities for us in the plastics industry.


Nishiguchi:  I believe that there will be plenty of room for growth as the field of take-out robots follows market changes.  Furthermore, if we look beyond just take-out of injection molded parts, I think there is potential for growth in part-handling in general, of various types of products.  And incorporating AI into take-out robots will expand the possibilities even further.

About YUSHIN’s Growth

Nishiguchi:  YUSHIN has launched a project to strengthen collaboration among departments.  Our goal is to strengthen company management by deepening discussions across departmental lines.  I expect the improved dialogue will benefit the entire YUSHIN organization.

About YUSHIN’s Governance

Kotani:  Over the years, the number of external directors has increased, the company’s scope has grown worldlier, and people inside the company have changed, too.  Currently, our Board includes 3 external directors and 2 external corporate auditors.  It’s a diverse group that includes large company presidents like you, Mr. Nishiguchi, along with mechanical engineers, institutional investors, CPAs, and IT professionals.  It’s a well-informed body and discussions are always lively and productive.


Nishiguchi:  Over a period of several years we have been carrying out a corporate goal of increasing YUSHIN’s scale and the quality of management.  I think that as this growth is happening, we have been developing the appropriate corporate governance.


Kotani:  And I expect the addition of young new executive officers this fiscal year will further invigorate the company.