"Attempting the impossible is the starting point for all new technology" is the motto that YUSHIN adheres to, based on our founder - Susumu Kotani's philosophy. Following this philosophy has led the company to consistently develop innovative technologies at the forefront of global industry.


YUSHIN was founded in Kyoto in 1971 and established as YUSHIN PRECISION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. in 1973. YUSHIN released the first Take-out robot for plastic products in 1978. Although YUSHIN finally entered into the Take-out robot market, we adopted a servo motor to the Take-out robot as a drive source in 1980s when air cylinders had been usually used, released the fastest Take-out robot for optical disc in the world in 1990's (broke the world record with take-out cycle of 0.069sec in 2002), launched the industry’s first color touch-screen controller in 1990s, and developed the Take-out robot with design optimization which has one of the fastest take-out time in the world in 2010. Now, YUSHIN have the largest global market share.


Today, YUSHIN provides Take-out robots with design optimization which combine both high functionality and energy efficiency in many countries around the world. In 2017, YUSHIN released high end Take-out robot “FRA”. This “FRA” is equipped as standard with the world’s highest safety standards, and our own “Active Vibration Control” function, and it also supports IoT. “FRA” is a product that looks to the future of the plastic injection molding industry. YUSHIN has further diversified our operation to new business fields - medical industry etc. applying our accumulated technology.


Now, YUSHIN sets its medium-term management goal of sales of 30 billion yen and ordinary income of 5 billion yen or more. YUSHIN aims to develop further as a leading company in the Take-out robot industry, developing products rapidly to meet the diversified and sophisticated needs of our customers.


We would appreciate for your continued support.



January, 2023

Representative Director and President

Takayo Kotani