YUSHIN PRECISION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. (YUSHIN) pursues a sustainable growth and maximizes company value in mid- and long-term scope with obtaining trust and support from all stake holders including shareholders surrounding YUSHIN Group. 
   This is to notify that YUSHIN has passed a resolution to establish the “sustainability committee” at the Board of Directors held on August 5th 2022, together with the enhancement of the YUSHIN website for ESG information.


1. Sustainability committee establishment
(1) Purpose of the establishment
   YUSHIN establishes committee to increase the corporate value through sustainable business activities while YUSHIN contributes to build sustainable society and environment through the business activities.


(2) The role of the committee
   To achieve the purpose above, the committee formulates the basic policy for sustainability, promotes measures in line with the basic policy, and reports the result to the Board of Directors.


(3) Composition of the committee
   The committee consists of the members headed by Representative Director and President.


2. YUSHIN website enhanced for ESG information
   YUSHIN has been analyzing how climate change can pose risks and opportunities on the business since its declaration to support for the recommendation of the TCFD* in April this year. YUSHIN is enhancing the website for ESG information including the information disclosure based on the analysis. For details, please visit the following website.


* TCFD is a task force established in 2015 by the Financial Stability Board (FSB), an international organization for stability of financial systems. TCFD recommends information disclosure in relation with business risks and opportunities consequence of climate changes.