Basic Views

The Company aims at achieving sustainable growth and maximizing the enterprise value for medium- and long- term under the management philosophy with obtaining credibility from all stakeholders surrounding us including shareholders. We strive to strengthen corporate governance with the basic policy of following five items.


  1. The Company respects the rights of shareholders and ensures equality, as well as strives to improve the environment for executing rights appropriately and protect rights.
  2. The Company strives to sincerely cooperate with stakeholders excluding our shareholders with good sense.
  3. The Company strives to ensure the transparency by appropriately making disclosure according to laws and regulations and voluntarily providing information excluding the disclosure.
  4. The Board of Directors strives to execute its roles and duties appropriately for transparent/fair and flexible decision-making.
  5. The Company strives to positively communicate with shareholders after sharing the direction of its stable growth for long-term.

Organizational Chart

Corporate Governance Report