The Yushin group has instituted “Yushin Employee Principles” for our members to follow. These principles, consisting of nine articles, relate to compliance with legal and ethical standards, corporate transparency and the disclosure of information, the promotion of fair, open, and unrestrained trade and competition, and respect for employees’ human rights.
Yushin will continue to promote compliance in corporate management, and also emphasize compliance in the individual conduct of our employees.

Yushin Employee Principles

Being aware of our company’s social responsibilities, we will comply faithfully with all laws and practice social common sense, as follows:

  1. We will provide safe, high quality and useful products and service to society, based on our superior technology and vast experience.
  2. We will present the quality, content, etc. for all of our products and services accurately and truthfully, and avoid any presentation that is misleading or inaccurate.
  3. We will comply with all trade laws and regulations, and always compete in a fair and open manner with our competitors.  We will never engage in any unfair practices to earn product or service orders or sales.
  4. We will strive to maintain a safe, healthy, and pleasant work environment for our employees.  
  5. We will respect each employee’s individuality and human rights. We will never discriminate on the basis of gender, creed, race, or social standing.
  6. We will quickly and accurately disclose our corporate information as needed to all stakeholders, including our customers, suppliers, shareholders and investors.
  7. We recognize the importance of environmental issues and will participate in their improvement by utilizing resources effectively and conserving energy.
  8. We will contribute to our community as a good corporate citizen through the cultivation of ties with the local community and participation in local social activities.
  9. We will never knowingly associate with or funnel any economic benefit to antisocial entities who pose a threat to public order or healthy business activity.


All Yushin Group Board Members and company managers understand the meaning of these principles and hold compliance as among their most important duties. They lead by example and ensure the compliance of all of their subordinates.

Should an infraction occur, steps to resolve the problem will be rapid and organization-wide, including corrective action, root cause analysis, and steps to prevent reoccurrence.  Yushin will promptly and accurately disclose the incident internally and to the public with company accountability, and the related parties will be dealt with strictly.